A letter written by a close friend of ours:

Dear birth mother and friends,

Thirty-nine years ago this month my parents made the decision to adopt a baby girl. That was me. I am grateful every day for that decision, not only because the course of my life was immeasurably altered but also because I believe with all my heart that these are the only parents I could ever really have called mine. They have been the single biggest support and strength anyone could hope for. We are a family, and no biology could have made us belong to each other any more than we do. We are, quite simply, meant for each other, and everything I am I owe to them.

For nearly ten years I have had good fortune to call Stephanie and Ezra dear friends. As soon as you meet them, either individually or together, you cannot help but be taken with their warmth, sincerity and joy.

Stephanie is a gifted and accomplished elementary school teacher. I have heard many stories about her students over the years, yet I have never heard her criticize a single child. She is supportive and encouraging, and she extends that same understanding to her friends, always offering thoughtful advice and a patient ear. She is honest, compassionate and kind.

Ezra is the kind of person who brings a smile to your face, as if it were a reflex. His energy and positivity are infectious, and combined with his easygoing nature, he is a person you can’t help but love. And as a spiritual leader and teacher, he is a natural and positive role model.

I am so proud to count these two among my dearest friends. They are people who you want in your life, people who have only good and love to give, and I am just one of many who are supporting, waiting and praying for Steph and Ezra’s long journey toward parenthood to come to its happy end. They will make not just amazing parents but exceptional ones. And I can say unequivocally that any child would be beyond fortunate to come into the lives of this extraordinary couple.

Thank you for your time, and if you should need anything further please do not hesitate to contact me. -SKM

Another letter of a friend of ours:

Whom It May Concern:

It is truly a heartfelt honor to write in support of Stephanie and Ezra’s journey to parenthood.

Stephanie and I met in New York City approximately 9 years ago when she and Ezra started dating. My husband, Michael, and Ezra have been good friends for nearly 20 years and the four of us became very close couple friends quickly. Not only did we all live near each other on the Upper West Side but Ezra was also part of our community as a well-respected and admired leader. On Dec 31st, 2009, Ezra married Michael and I in Laguna Beach, California. Both he and Stephanie were also present when we had our two children, Jayden (2011) and Blake (2015). Our kids refer to them as “Aunt Steph and Uncle Ez” since they are like family to us.

Stephanie and Ezra are a beautiful, endearing couple with a very deep love and special bond. My husband and I have spent countless time with them individually and collectively over the past 2 decades. We cannot wait for them to become parents and share the love, admiration and devotion that they’ve displayed to our children. Each one brings special and important qualities to their relationship and to the friends and family they surround themselves with. Their home exudes warmth, love and spirituality. Stephanie is a nurturing, energetic, reliable, smart, articulate, social, and caring individual. She is so generous with her time, attention and energy as a dedicated grammar school teacher at a NYC private school. When she’s not teaching, she’s also a very talented and resourceful artist and jewelry designer. Both Steph and Ez are extremely intuitive people; everyone gravitates to them when they’re present. Ezra is a very patient listener and on many occasions has provided thoughtful guidance and mentorship to me and our peers. He’s creative, trustworthy, enthusiastic, wise, sensitive, and passionate. As a leader, Ezra takes immense pride in maintaining strong relationships with his constituents. They are both loyal and devoted to their wide circle of close friends. We always enjoy spending time with them in their home; it’s such a warm, inviting experience as they’re both such gracious hosts.

Together they have a very faithful and respectful marriage. As parents, I’m confident they will raise a child with love, open hearts and minds, strong values, resilience, joy and kindness. When spending time with our children (ages 5.5 & almost 2 years old), both Steph and Ez are extremely engaged, playful and present, often expressing how they can’t wait to have a family of their own. Our children love spending time with Aunt Steph and Uncle Ez! Knowing their relationship and the mutual respect they share for one another, this child will be welcomed into a loving, secure, stable family with hands on parents who have an appreciation for culture, religion, art, music, and learning. It would bring Michael and me great joy to see Stephanie and Ezra expand their family through adoption and to experience the blessing of parenthood.